Pic to Poly
Low Poly Art Generation
Created by Sam Sampson

With Pic to Poly's easy to use interface, you can quickly make polygon art. From the main menu, simply choose whether you'd like to use an existing image, take a picture, or generate a gradient. From there, you can either manually add polygons by dragging on the image where you'd like them to go, slowly adding detail, or you can press the main button located at the bottom of the screen to let Pic to Poly do the work for you.

When using the auto feature, Pic to Poly intelligently places polygons by looking for visually interesting areas by applying an edge detection algorithm to your images, and automatically scaling the level of detail according to what's in the image. By using the gear in the top-right, you can configure how much you want the polygons to be placed by the edges, and how much should be random.

Art / Entertainment
Version 1.0.1
Android 4.0.3+
10,000+ downloads
No in-app purchases, no advertisements.
Created by Sam Sampson